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Japanese Kissing Encyclopedia Part 1

I translated the amusing text from this website and I totally have nothing to do with the consequences that will result from trying out these techniques. Pictures are also from the original site :P.

THIS IS PART 1. I’ll post part 2 later.

Japanese Kissing Encyclopedia

- Introduction
- 20 Basic Techniques
- Present-day Kissing (in part 2)

Our country has known “kissing” since time immemorial. In fact, it holds quite an important meaning for us. Rather than kissing in public, kissing in seclusion or in hiding is more preferred—it’s like a sacred rite between two people. With kissing, two people can confirm each others’ love, or heighten the bond between them. Oftentimes, it even leads to bloodshed or law suits, especially when one kisses people other than his/her partner. As such, it is hard to compare kissing here (in Japan) with kissing in the West, as here, it is more refined and done with grace.

However, because of our grace and modesty, several Japanese do not really know how to kiss. It is something that cannot just be taught by anyone for anyone. Because of that, people decided to just learn by themselves and experiment. As a result, several ways of kissing were formed. There are countless innovations, but only the oldest twenty techniques will be discussed in detail. In this encyclopedia, the basic 20 techniques as well as notes about some new innovations will be discussed.

This encyclopedia contains the 20 basic techniques which are the foundations of kissing in our country. Nowadays, young men who do not know the “basic 20” are increasing, and it leads to them kissing people coldly. This article intends to inform these young men as much as it can with the basic information.

1. Normal kissing
The most fundamental as well as the most popular way of kissing. Attaching one’s lips to another, it’s a rather simple form of kissing. This is usually intended for beginners.

2. French kissing
This kiss employs the use of one’s tongue, and is also a very basic technique. The two people would extend their tongues to twine around each other. Without using the lips, this pure and refined technique is said to be addictive.

3. Seemingly kissing
This involves kissing without kissing the mouth. It’s a kissing technique that can be used even for people who aren’t lovers. Usually, the popular parts kissed are the forehead, the cheek, or the back of the hand.

4. Ama no Hashidate (Bridge to Heaven)
This is a type of French kiss. It means extending your tongue to great lengths to meet the other. The bridge that the two tongues form will be delicately impressive.

5. Kizuna (Ties)
This is a type of French kiss. It involves doing the Ama no Hashidate technique, then gently tying the tongues into a knot. This is usually done by lovers who are doing a pact or promise.

6. Kachoufugetsu (Japanese natural aesthetics)
This is a particularly beautiful form of French kissing. It involves doing the Ama no Hashidate technique, then forming a butterfly knot with the tongues.

7. Mozuotoshi (Diving Shrike)
This is a type of kissing wherein one of the pair jumps headfirst from a high place to kiss the partner below. It’s a kiss that aims for dynamism and is intended for intermediate-level kissers.

8. Shouchikubai (Bamboo)
This is a type of kissing wherein one kisses the partner upside down. It takes a lot of “attachment” to do, so it’s not advised for beginners. Like a tall bamboo, the upright position is simple but lovely.

9. Daisharin (Giant Swing)
This is a type of Shouchikubai. It involves two persons kissing while doing cartwheels. Since it involves moving about while kissing, it is apparently a hit with busy couples.

10. Shidareyanagi (Weeping Willow)
This is a type of Shouchikubai. This is done while one person is standing and the other is hanging horizontally while kissing. Shouchikubai had been losing its charm recently, and most people use this instead nowadays.

11. Taketonbo (Helicopter)
This is a type of Shouchikubai. It involves doing the Shidareyanagi technique, with the horizontal person rotating, just like helicopter blades. It can be used when the couple is surrounded by a lot of enemies.

12. Nekojarashi (Cat-like Technique)
This is a variety of normal kissing. It involves play-biting one partner’s nape, just like what cats do. It’s a highly popular form of rejuvenating kiss.

13. Shishijarashi (Lion-like Technique)
This is a variety of normal kissing. This involves imitating what lions do and play-biting the partner’s carotid artery. It is highly popular among S&M enthusiasts.

14. Himeringo (Chinese Crab Apple)
This is a form of normal kissing. In here, a person gnaws on the forehead of the partner with a bite about the size of a bite from a Chinese Crab Apple. It is a oriented towards beginner kissers.

15. Fujiringo (Fuji Apple)
It’s a form of normal kissing. In here, a person imitates biting into a Fuji Apple and gnaws on the partner’s face. One needs to be able to unhinge his/her jaw to do this, so beginners are discouraged from trying this technique.

16. Uwabami (Big Serpent)
This is a form of normal kissing. Here, a person imitates a serpent’s large bite and gulps down the partner down to the neck. It’s a way of saying “I want to eat you”.

17. Yamata no Orochi (Eight-Branched Serpent)
This is a form of normal kissing. It involves imitating the legendary eight-headed serpent and swallowing the partner. It demands a lot of skill and practice.

18. Shikisokuzekuu (Form is Emptiness)
It’s a form of kissing wherein the “lust” of kissing is removed. It is a kiss done by “sensing the space”. It has created quite a large dispute in the scientific society.

19. Shin Shikisokuzekuu (New Form is Emptiness)
A new style of Shinkisokuzekuu, this is still a kiss done by “feeling the space”. This is the proof that even though one does not have a partner, one can still kiss.

20. Yuusha (The Brave)
This is a form of Shikisokuzekuu. It’s a kiss involving feces. When one has done this, s/he can freely praise and call him/herself a brave hero to his/her content.

END Part 1. I think my brain broke too much trying to translate the rest…

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